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Transportation and Logistics

POSDATA is focused on providing transportation and delivery companies with the newest technologies that enable ever-improved operational efficiencies. With off-the-shelf and customizable packages of hardware and software ready to be deployed by our expert team, POSDATA can bring rapid results to the supply chain while providing expert support and service.

Recommended Products

Mobile Computers

A wide range of mobile computers and portable data terminals exist for transportation businesses to take advantage of, with capabilities including barcode scanning, digital signature capture, and mobile data entry. Choosing the best solution for your employees can be a lengthy and confusing process, which is why the technical support staff at POSDATA are always ready to help you with the selection process and offer their expertise in choosing the perfect fit for your needs.


The goRoam Delivery software solution optimizes delivery schedules and provides electronic proof of delivery. Orders are pushed to drivers wirelessly, where they can view their route stops, record products/services delivered, and get an electronic signature for Proof of Delivery (POD). A customer copy can be printed on-site and an electronic copy sent to customer service. The net result is a significantly streamlined Order to Cash (OTC) cycle.

Related Services

Mobile Device Management

POSDATA’s Mobile Device Management service oversees the tech support of the mobile devices in your enterprise. POSDATA provides a single point for all issues related to your mobile environment, thus serving as a trusted branch of your organization’s IT Department. Our staff can manage your devices remotely, pushing out software and firmware updates, managing users and applications, and troubleshooting. We also offer software solutions for your staff to be in charge of remotely managing your devices

Product Imaging

Product imaging includes the operating system and application software that reside on your devices. As part of the configuration process, POSDATA will load a predetermined image onto each device at our service center. You will receive fully imaged products that are ready for use and primed for consistent operation.