UIC 680 Contactless OEM Module

Advanced Contactless Reader for Credit and Debit Payments

UIC 680 Contactless OEM ModuleThe UIC680 is an advanced OEM reader for contactless payments and transactions. The reader seamlessly integrates into a variety of environments, such as kiosk and unattended payment systems. Users are able to easily and securely conduct transactions by quickly tapping their contactless cards on the UIC680.

Key Benefits

  • Certified by major card associations
  • Plug-and-play with existing MSR interfaces
  • Ideal for kiosks and unattended payment devices
  • Smallest certified module available

Multiple Applications

The UIC680 easily integrates into existing applications. With the growth of contactless payments and transactions, it provides an economical upgrade path for existing systems. Service stations and parking lots are incorporating the UIC680 into unattended kiosks for users to pay their transactions with a contactless card. Fast food restaurants have deployed readers for contactless payments for drive thru orders. Retail stores are able to offer the convenience of contactless transactions by integrating the UIC680 into their current point-of-sale and payment systems.

Transparent Integration

Plug-and-play with the UIC680 ensures fast and easy implementation. Integration is transparent bringing contactless transactions easily to existing kiosks or payment systems. For a magnetic stripe payment solution, the UIC680 provides standard card reader emulation with a RS232 or USB interface.

Card Association CertifiedDataSheet-Thumb

The UIC680 is certified with the following

  • American Express® ExpressPay®
  • Discover® Network ZipSM
  • MasterCard® PayPass™
  • Visa® payWave

Innovative Antenna Design

The UIC680’s radio frequency antenna can be customized to fit kiosk housings or other existing systems. A custom antenna offers direct coupling or remote 50 ohm terminations.

User Friendly

The UIC680 offers several key features for contactless users. Contactless cards operate up to 4 cm from the reader, making transactions easier and more efficient. An audio response tells them their card has been read eliminating confusion and multiple read attempts. Bright, running LEDs also alert the user that the card is being processed.

Advanced Technology, Value Priced

UIC is known in the industry for reliable and dependable products. By offering high value in an advanced contactless reader at a reasonable price, contactless transactions are an affordable option to existing retail and financial systems.

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