PowerTrack Mobility Platform

The PowerTrack Enterprise Mobility Platform provides the tools that your organization needs to automate field reporting and employee time entry, provide real time visibility to field operations and extend your enterprise data applications to your mobile workforce. Leverage the latest mobile and web technologies to create a solution that best fits your organization and current IT infrastructure.

PowerTrack Overview

  • Manage Assets, Tools & Equipment
  • Keep track of production, materials & project metrics
  • Enter & track employee time
  • Available for Android, iOS, & Windows Mobile
  • Review data from any web browser
  • Biometric Clock-in & out functionality
  • Extend enterprise applications to the Field
  • Catered towards construction & oil/gas industries
  • Accounting/ERP System Integration

Employee Time Tracking & Labor Management

Project Management

Asset Management

PowerTrack Features

  • Native Mobile Clients

    Available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile, you can now extend the capabilities of enterprise applications to all of your deployed smartphones and tablets.  For scan-intensive environments, POSDATA provides a variety of rugged smartphones with integrated high performance scanners.

  • Web Client

    PowerTrack’s Web Client provides a convenient means to review, edit and approve records generated by any PowerTrack client.  As a web-based solution, there is no requirement to install software on the user’s PC.  Users simply login using any of the major browsers.   The Web Client also provides for data entry options similar to the mobile clients.

    •  Full screen review, edit and approval
    •  Data entry capabilities similar to mobile clients
    •  Works with all major browsers
    •  ”Zero” user installation
  • SmartGrid Timesheet Entry

    PowerTrack’s SmartGrid timesheet provides yet another option for entering time in the field.  Using a familiar spreadsheet-style entry format, supervisors can rapidly create their job reporting and daily timesheets for their crew.  The grid expands dynamically as users enter data for additional cost code/phases.

    •  Rapid crew entry
    •  Familiar spreadsheet-style entry
    •  Dynamic grid expansion
    •  Windows-based full screen application
  • Biometric Clock In & Out

    Ensuring the integrity of your time accounting, PowerTrack offers biometric timeclock solutions featuring reliable fingerprint recognition.  Achieve complete mobility with our highly configurable laptop-based solution using an attached fingerprint reader.   We also offer traditional biometric time clocks for fixed job locations.

    •  Ensure integrity from reliable fingerprint recognition
    •  Mobile laptop-based solutions
    •  Rugged time clock options for fixed job locations
    •  No need for badge or employee ID entry
  • Asset Management Module

    The Asset Management module adds comprehensive asset tracking and management to your PowerTrack mobility system.   With complete check in and check out capabilities, keep track of all of your assets, tools and equipment as they circulate between employees or locations.

    •  Fixed asset management with check in and check out capabilities
    •  Track all asset movements and assignments using barcode scanning
    •  Comprehensive asset lookup and transaction history
    •  Analysis of asset usage and activity reports


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