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Staging and Deployment: Make It Easy On Yourself

With POSDATA’s staging and deployment services, your business is fully operational faster, for quicker profitability. Watch this short video to see how POSDATA makes your staging and deployment project easy on you.

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Make It Easy On Yourself

When you are deploying new technology or opening new locations, a successful project depends on a smooth transition. It is costly and time-consuming to send your technicians to do the integration on site, or wait while your staff struggles to load software. You can’t afford to waste time with an error-prone and inefficient roll out. You can make it easy on yourself with POSDATA’s staging and deployment services.


POSDATA is your expert in staging and deployment for one location -- or hundreds. No matter what the scale of your deployment, we make sure your project is turn key and on time, every time. Let POSDATA make it easy for you to have all your locations up and running on your schedule, on budget, with minimal impact on your personnel.

When we stage your solution, it arrives at your installation site already inventoried, assembled, loaded with software, configured, tested and asset tagged. Your equipment arrives fully functional so it can be quickly and accurately installed.


How do we do it? Your equipment is tracked from the moment it is ordered, and is carefully followed throughout POSDATA’s staging and deployment process. Each piece of equipment is inspected and asset tagged per your requirements. Your equipment is configured to your specifications, with software loaded and tested. If you need cellular activation, we’ll take care it for you. We build your configuration, including integrating equipment from multiple vendors and performing key injection if needed.


Instead of dedicating several of your own technicians to perform the builds over many weeks, POSDATA can do them in a few days. This saves you considerable time and money for each deployment or store opening, and it makes your new equipment virtually “plug and play.” Everything is thoroughly tested, so you know it will work right out of the box, with no surprises.


When you have multiple sites with different requirements, we can customize your staged equipment by site. If you need site-specific configurations, we’ll custom package and label your equipment, making it virtually a “site in a box.” For phased implementations, we provide bulk storage and fast shipping from one of our three service locations in the Louisville, Seattle or Los Angeles areas.


With POSDATA’s staging and deployment services, your business is fully operational faster, for quicker profitability. POSDATA: We make it easy on you.


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