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VeriFone MX830

New heights of usability and security in multi-lane environments

VeriFone MX 830 payment terminalDesigned for demanding multi-lane environments, the MX830 is a robust, consumer-facing payment system that makes quick work of even the most complex payment and value-added transactions.

It has a familiar intuitive interface and tactile keypad for private PIN entry. But more than a PCI-PED approved payment system, the MX830 helps retailers reach out to consumers with timely, targeted branding and promotional messages on its extremely high-resolution grayscale display. It is the most versatile, economical and durable performer that stands up to heavy use.  It also offers an optional, scratch-resistant touch screen and reliable signature capture capability to streamline transactions, plus field replaceable modules, expansion slots, and a USB port to allow for contactless and smart card payments or other capabilities as new technologies emerge.

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The MX830 is best supported with VeriFone’s modular software suite that creates a powerful-user-friendly set of solutions for retailers to easily manage data flow to and from this consumer-facing system:

  • DeviceSolutions streamlines the set-up and configuration of the payment systems.

  • SignatureSolutions enables efficient capture, archiving and management of electronic signatures.

  • ContentSolutions provides the first practical, economical way to manage and deliver branding, promotion, and advertising to consumer-facing payment systems.

  • PaymentSolutions provides a powerful payment engine to quickly process credit, debit, check, EBT, and gift card transactions.

Download MX830 PDF Data Sheet

Download VisualPayments Suite Data Sheet